Malacca Road Trip: Forget about the Museum

I feel bad to say this, but save the 10 rinngit and forget about the museum. It’s all really too touristy and quite disappointing in terms of restoration. Just a bunch of dressed up mannequins. Pretty dismal if you ask me.

Perhaps I am too close to the culture and that’s why I didn’t find this or Jonker street interesting. When I travel I look forward to experiencing things that are very different from what I’m used to. If you’re from across the globe and never been to Asia, this might appeal more to you. But I did notice that lots of people online were commenting about how touristy Malacca is (especially the town centre) and how they were disappointed by it, so I may not be too far off. I also wonder if the Malaysians get fed up with so many Singaporean flocking there and causing traffic jams especially on the weekends. I don’t blame them.

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