Manifesting Travel

My cousins put up their results of an online travel quiz, so I was curious enough to do it too. They are a dozen years my junior, so in comparison I really haven’t travelled that much. This survey only looks at it by country and doesn’t track multiple visits to the same country. In terms of multiple visits I’m lucky enough to include Malaysia and Australia in my frequently travelled. Also thoroughly, but not exhaustively explored. I still haven’t been to Sabah or Cairns for instance.

As a child, Malaysia was wonderful, especially within the cocoon of childhood, but it somehow doesn’t feel as safe as it used to. All those reports of crime in the news messes with my perception and adds to my anxiety.

Since I feel that manifesting has worked before, I want to now manifest travel outside of Asia, to cold climates like, Iceland, Norway and the North Island of New Zealand this time. Also I haven’t been to much of Europe like Austria, Germany or Ireland. Don’t mind cold seasons as well. Just no more hot humid weather like perpetual summer Singapore. No more overly crowded cities. I just need something different. Anywhere with the quiet and stillness of nature please.

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