Lovely Churros, Poor Service

Who can resist churros. It’s one of my favourite desserts.

The Churros and the raspberry plus chocolate dips (opted for milk and dark chocolate) at Max Brenner were lovely but I hesitate to return to the VivoCity branch as the service was not that great. Witnessed them being even ruder to other patrons. Heard from another blogger that her experience was marred by the service as well. Also, wish there was Churros without sugar on the menu. Would have preferred that. So far I’ve had bad service at the other outlet at The Esplanade as well. It’s such a pity as service fell only as they expanded. Recall that when they first opened service was pretty good.

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  1. Masyuslizah says:

    The service was bad, awwh that sucks cause I really wanna try out this place. How’s the price?

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