Siem Reap March 2023: Day 1 Angkor National Museum

Thought it would be good to learn some history at the museum. Many of the artefacts from Angkor are preserved here. There is a locker up front where you are required to place your handbag with the guard if it’s not tiny. Also tickets are required for the museum and cost US$36 for 3 people. They can be bought at the museum itself. There were some films shown within the museum to give you a greater insight into the history of the Khmer civilisation.

All in air-conditioned comfort which is always a welcome thing to a Singaporean used to air conditioning. Kinda ashamed to say but it’s true. We may live in a hot country like Christian the hotel manager said but essentially it’s 21 degrees as we move from airconditoned transport to malls. Otherwise with our humidity we would melt.

March in Siem Reap was pretty dry, hot and dusty and there was a bit of a smog. Most motocycles and tuk tuks run on diesel. Also after the war and being bombed by the US not many trees remain although the hotel makes an effort to be green and it’s lush within the hotel and around the nearby Angkor Wat forest. Also there has been much deforestation.

The humongous Asura caught our attention immediately
There was a fountain in the middle of the museum
Found the lions majestic and they reminded me of ancient Chinese paper cutting depictions of a lion.
Fascinating for us – that Jaffna in Sri Lanka used to be an ancient port city.
Reclining Buddha

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