Rainbow Dumplings

Tried out the new Crystal Jade at Vivo some time ago but couldn’t get to blogging about it with all the openings of new cafes I was more excited to blog about first. The colours here were attractive but the taste about the same. I was impressed by the pumpkin ones with the sweet filling. That was our dessert and I wouldn’t mind having that again.

natgeocafe - 48572

natgeocafe - 48573

natgeocafe - 48574

natgeocafe - 48575

natgeocafe - 48571

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I love that Crystal Jade, I only got to go there twice before leaving home, though, and now I am craving it really badly. I didn’t try the rainbow xiaolongbao (my family are kind of xiaolongbao purists) but the pumpkin dessert is lovely!

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