New Mall: Chinatown Point is Much Improved

I think the new Chinatown Point is an improvement over what it used to be, but I can’t imagine that S$90 million was spent. Where does all that money go. Seems crazy to me. And as B commented the place seems darker now. The lighting is not very good with more warm lights rather than white light. The ceilings seem to be lower too. But in terms of restaurants and cafes, a lot of options if you’re here to dine.

This is the most appealing snake themed thing I’ve found yet. The confused look of the snake in bun form is kinda cute. Most other snake decorative things just seemed scary or super creepy. Not a fan of Bread Talk as I find the breads dry, but I do enjoy their creativity in coming up with new designs. And the Chinese New Year buns are very nice indeed like the pineapple and orange ones.

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54198

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54201

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54200

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54199

Cute fruit dolls.

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54206

The dome ceiling.

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54203

My favourite Japanese sushi place – Genki sushi will be here soon – yay.

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54202

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54205

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54204

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54197

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54196

Now I know where to come if I need a travel agent.

chinatownpoint2013cny - 54195

One characteristic of this mall is that there are lots of elderly folk here. Many of them were sitting at Coffee Bean without buying anything. It’s nice to be old and not care about what anyone thinks. I look forward to that. B looks forward even more I think.

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