New Maison Kayser at Wheelock

Service here is great although it’s a bit less peaceful than the one at Scotts Square. However lazy me will probably pop by here more often as it’s closer to Orchard MRT and just at the connection between ION and Wheelock Place. Did I mention that the bread here is divine?

maisonkayerwheelock - 54185

maisonkayerwheelock - 54184

maisonkayerwheelock - 54183

maisonkayerwheelock - 54182

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2 Responses to New Maison Kayser at Wheelock

  1. Kaho says:

    I miss food in Singapore. That bread does look good…

    • bookjunkie says:

      it’s my fave bread place, especially the branch at Scotts Square which is run by the Japanese Head Quarters. Service is lovely and so is the quality.

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