Tomato Soup at Saybons

Cup of tomato soup with garlic panini
Not quite French but more French inspired

Didn’t like coming here as the service is often abrupt (partner would say rude & what can you expect as F&B staff are paid a pittance), but today there was a patient, polite, older person at the cashier. I recall that the soups used to be tastier, but today it just tasted slightly salty. Could it be due to the mass production these days? I’ve had much better more crisp garlic bread, but I needed bread to go with the soup. The price of this meal is too steep at S$7.40. At McDonalds I’ve had much more for S$5 (Filet O Fish, fries and a tea). More satisfying too.

It was comfortable to sit here though. Wasn’t crowded and the chairs had backs. Also it’s Health Promotion Board approved.

Location: Junction 8 (Mall next to Bishan MRT)

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