Just One Of My Favourite Places where the Coffee is not Bitter & the Service is Good

Every time I find a cafe I like it tends to close down. It’s mostly because I like places that are relatively empty, at least at off peak hours. The service at the Gastronomia Da Paolo VivoCity Branch is great. There was a manager Simon there who was so polite and just excellent but I don’t see him lately. I hope he got promoted as it would be well deserved. He’s so dedicated and the only reason I know his name is because I looked at his name tag as he reminded me of my cousin. The same polite obliging demeanour.

I hope Gastronomia Da Paolo continues to expand and there are more outlets. Its one of the few places that serve you water for free. There is a general dining in charge as opposed to take away though. But lately if you order using the online menu you get a promo code every sixth visit so that’s good.

It’s a pity they don’t serve their large flat whites in the big glass anymore. Perhaps other people prefer their coffee stronger while I like mine a bit on the milky side. Not fond of Starbucks coffee though. Thats more like coffee flavoured milk.

Oh yes I have this need for dessert after a meal and the carrot cake is to die for. My sister doesn’t like it and prefers the more dense one at Cedele. We look alike, but have very different taste buds.

Relaxing with coffee
Great service at the Raffles City Branch too
Carrot cake
The most divine cream cheese
Chicken Pizza and Flat White at Gastronomia Da Paolo
I feel like this is a healthier pizza and it’s yummy

Yes to melted cheese and butter

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