Not Impressed by Nam Nam

I decided to try this place out (new at Wheelock Place) because it’s perpetually crowded and I read some rave reviews but I’m not impressed at all. Tasted very bland to me. I’ve had a guzillion times better Pho in Ho Chi Minh. The one at the Vietnamese coffee shop in Joo Chiat is better. Actually I wanted a sandwich but they didn’t have any that day. The set-up is nice though so I took pictures as usual. I am still wondering why this place is so popular. Perhaps it’s a healthy option and there are not many Vietnamese restaurants in town? B felt that the Beef Pho was okay but still not great. I had the chicken one. Or could it be that I miss my unhealthy MSG and this place doesn’t use that?

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6 Responses to Not Impressed by Nam Nam

  1. If you find the noodles too bland, try the dry noodles with more condiments. There is no MSG added so you might think the soup is bland but they boil the soup for 24 hours.

  2. Vivienneeluv says:

    Ya! You should try the dry ones! Much much nicer!

  3. verena says:

    i tried the dry noodles when i checked out the outlet in the basement of Raffles City but sadly I was disappointed too, both me and my friend. Although the seasoning of the meat used in the dry noodles was really savoury, that is about it. I felt the noodles weren’t tasty and they tended to stick together. But maybe next time I will give it another try, or perhaps the sandwiches. I still don’t get why there are always so many people queueing outside though.

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