Hjh Maimunah: Most Amazingly Delicious Nasi Padang (Joo Chiat Branch)

I’m interspersing my posts about my very recent Perth trip with my current exploits in Singapore. I just had to post about the fantastic meal I had yesterday. This place is very popular and crowded and it’s a bit hard to juggle your heavily laden tray while making your way up the stairs to the dining area but it was worth it. You need to come before 11.30am as there are already long queues by then.

The chicken curry is my absolute favourite. So lemak. That thick fragrant rich coconut taste. Well actually everything was incredible except the sotong (squid) was a bit over cooked so hard to chew. The gravy though was out of this world as all the gravies here are. I could eat the gravies alone with the rice and hot chilli padi sambal they provide.

Absolutely divine
We must order this next time – so yummy
Assam Sting Ray
Sayer Lodeh
Sotong (squid)
I had to have pisang goreng (banana fritters)
B loves this kueh
More Gula Melaka – yes you can help yourself
The only disappointing thing – tasted like a 3 in 1 mix was added

I am seriously hankering for this feast again soon. It’s described as traditional Malay and Indonesian kampung style cuisine and it truly is out of this world. At very reasonable prices too compared to fancy restaurants. Actually a fraction of the price.

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