My Honest Thoughts About Tekka Market

If you’re okay with not having a fancy meal, you might be able to have a much more satisfying and affordable one at Tekka. This and Alexandra Village are my 2 top picks for hawker centres in Singapore. The draw for me – chicken dum briyani and teh alia at Tekka and claypot laksa and avacado juice at Alexandra Village.

If you’re a tourist here I recommend take the escalator up one level to browse the clothes. I think you will need to bargain though (something I’m not too great at myself – prefer fixed prices).

Just a warning – the place has been revamped but it’s still a tad grimy. But this is the real unsanitized Singapore and it’s good to come here as well as visit the swanky Marina Bay Sand to feel the vast contrast within this tiny island.

In all honesty, in danger of sounding too spoilt and atas, I try to avoid the areas that sell meat. I cannot bear the sights and smells and if I had to cook my own meat I would turn into a vegetarian. I think we tend to disassociate when it comes to meat, otherwise there would be a lot more vegetarians around.

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  1. Naomi Hattaway says:

    I love Tekka Market … mostly the fish and the textiles 😉

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