Where I Used my CDC Vouchers #1: Hanifa’s Briyani Specialist at Tekka

Trying Hanifa’s Briyani at Tekka for the first time

I wanted to save on some food costs so tried using the CDC vouchers (given to Singaporeans for enduring the COVID situation) yesterday and I was successful. I decided to make this a series as the vouchers can be used till the year end and we might get more next year. After checking out the Merchant list which is extremely vast, I had planned to go to either our usual fave Yakader and had Hanifa in mind as a backup option. In the end the queue at Yakader was way too long so approached Hanifa’s instead. Both the stalls are pretty close together.

Hanifa’s Briyani Specialist is the full name
Hanifa’s Briyani

I first asked if they excepted the vouchers and the young man at the stall said yes. As I got 2 chicken briyanis (opting for no hard boiled egg) I was charged S$10. I wonder if the older man there gave a discount for which I am very thankful. The usual price is S$5.50 per plate. I clicked on the vouchers and held up my phone so that the stall owner could scan the QR code with his phone. It now indicates that I have made a redemption and that I have S$90 worth of vouchers left. It was pretty thrilling to save some money.

What is shown on my screen after I made the redemption.

Now on to the review. I kinda liked it as it was spicier, but my partner who can cook, thought Yakader’s version was far superior with the chicken being more tender and generally tastier. I must admit the rice at Yakader is more well coated and fluffier. My partner preferred the thalcha at Yakader too. I think because it has more dhal in it?

Location: #01-256 Tekka Centre, 665 Buffalo Rd, #01-256, Singapore 210665

Hours: daily 10am to 9pm

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