I need more good rituals to anchor my day. Right now one of those rituals is making my bed and just the sight of a made bed makes me happy. Crumbled sheets somehow disturb my mood these days. It’s a recent ritual as previously I used to leave my bed unmade and it’s always bothered me but I was just too lazy.

I hope to develop reading and writing rituals next. At the moment it is all very haphazard and I do these things when I remember or feel like it. I am ashamed to confess that most free slots are taken up by aimlessly surfing the net. Well to be accurate not aimless but not very useful. For instance checking up on celebrity site D-Listed – I enjoy the humour and writing style, but reading of this sort makes me guilty and at the end of the day I have spent too many hours on frivolous entertainment like this. I really need to cut down. Eliminate would be better but I think very hard.

I also want to get rid of clutter as well – perhaps rid myself of 5 things I’ve for some reason hoarded, a day. Getting rid of clutter is so much easier than organizing the stuff you have. Instantly my space would feel lighter. But it’s so much harder when I get down to it and have to part with my stuff. You know how that part in your brain says you will regret it and you will need it one day? It’s not very true though and another 5 years will go by with that object occupying space that could be freed up for things that are more valuable like books.

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