Yummy Prata Curry at Ang Mo Kio

Feeling guilty for overindulging, but the curry they serve at the prata stall (R R Indian Food) at Lim Kopi Food Court (Block 107, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4) is so good. Not watery and disappointing like I’ve had at some other places.

amk - 56713

amk - 56716

amk - 56715

amk - 56714

We had teh alia across the road (Shivira) and that was good too. But just don’t expect totally pristine surroundings. I still think Tekka Market has the best Teh Alia.

amk - 56718

amk - 56717

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3 Responses to Yummy Prata Curry at Ang Mo Kio

  1. nana says:

    u are near my place! u have to try their nasi bryani (mutton, chicken, fish, etc etc) if u are near again! it is superb. In fact, best I have ever had. Prata standard has dropped a little since they moved from their old place at blk 252 though. The best prata from this stall is on weekday mornings or late nites when they fry upon ordering. :):):)

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