Panda at ION

The panda sculpture almost glittered. Just beside TWG at ION (street level).


I was curious about it and found more here. The artist is Julian Marinetti. Can any French speaker tell me the gist of what he’s saying?


I’ll never be able to afford art in the home but I love the idea of free public art.

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  1. aiya, my written french is excellent but my aural sucks.

    It’s genitals at the panda isn’t it? That’s cool

  2. a says:

    He basically talks about this Singaporean customer who visited his workshop one day, saw a panda plush lying around and asked him if he could sculpt it — to which he said yes.
    Then he talks about how he paints over the sculpture (made of pure bronze) and how it is part of the piece of art itself, and not just a painting on top of the sculpture. And then he goes quickly about the simple parable of the panda: the mom, the dad and the 2 kids. He says the these sculptures are going to Chengdu.

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