Paradise Dynasty at Vivo City: Spicy Handmade Noodles

After their alleged not paying for gas scandal in the newspapers I was hoping this chain wouldn’t close. They do serve good food even though as many have pointed out, service is lacking. For us it was polite but they tried to squeeze us between two couples even though the restaurant was very empty at the time and there were tons of better seats (it’s a huge restaurant). Glad they allowed us to have a booth in the end. If not I would have decided to just eat someplace else as dining is an experience and not just about the food. It’s not that cheap either – in a hawker centre we would have no right to complain for instance.

I find this trying to squeeze patrons together my pet peeve in Singapore. Perhaps some don’t mind, but I find it too close for comfort when your every word can can be heard by the person next to you even if you lower your voice (I sound like a broken recorder I know).

Also they forgot my order and it arrived late. But all is forgiven when the food quality is good and your craving is satisfied.

I usually go for the Dan Dan Mian, but this time I tried the dry version of the la main (handmade noodles) with spicy dumplings. It was very yummy, but I do miss having a bit of soup.


We also ordered our usual dessert- red bean and banana soufflé balls but I actually forgot to take a picture (which happens when the food is extra good and you just want to dig in immediately). You can have a look at photos I took at the One KM branch.

I actually miss what I had in Beijing which was very much spicier.

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