Rangoon Road: Ba Kut Teh at Ng Ah Sio Again

Felt like having something relatively light after all the heavy meals so headed to our usual place for bak kut teh. I just have the yu tiao with rice and soup as I don’t care for light coloured meat.My preference is for either well roasted for preferably barbecued.

Learnt that a pair of you tiao (always comes as 2 pieces) is almost equivalent to 1 plain prata (212 calories minus the gravy) at about 192 calories.

I like soaking the crullers in the soup till it’s soggy with peppery goodness. Wish the you tiao was warm and crisp though. And I like added both sweet and salty black sauces to the red cut chilies they provide. That goes nicely with the steamed rice and soup. Is that weird?

They do fill up your bowls of soup without prompting, but we found that the first round is always the best and richest tasting (perhaps because the ribs have been simmering in the soup a long time and the top up soup is probably from a different vessel? – just guessing) B’s opinion is that the top up version should be just as good as the small portion of soup you first get with the ribs. To him it’s a big difference, much more than I can discern at the moment.

When we ordered water we got a bottle with the Jumbo Seafood label and discovered that the restaurant is now owned by Jumbo as confirmed at it’s website. Noticed they have more branches now including one at Marina Bay Sands.

IMG_8766 IMG_8765 IMG_8764

Here are some other reviews because I wouldn’t want you to rely on my opinion alone and after reading these I want to try some other famous ones that they say are superior.

Entree Kibbles

And More Food

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