You Lift Us Up Mr Lee

Was most captivated and pleasantly surprised by an image of Lee Kuan Yew on a building at Rangoon Road. The words “You lift us up Mr Lee”, I’m sure drew the sentiments of everyone who looked up and spotted it. There has been a wave of coming together and a unique sort of patriotism – a Singapore tribal feeling. To be honest I’m surprised by the intensity of my own feelings for my fellow people. A feeling that we’re in this together and political views can’t really divide us.

And the sense of community is not necessarily just with citizens and residents, but just anyone who loves Singapore. You can’t help but be moved by the tributes and mourning for Lee Kuan Yew in villages in South India and dignitaries who came to our tiny island to pay their respects. I often feel we are forgotten on the world stage due to our size but I think with Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership we punched way above our weight and that’s a pride (not arrogance but mixed with thankfulness) we all feel.

I’m very curious about who was responsible for putting up this traffic slowing tribute (not stopping because in this city we never stop). I was excited to capture it, even though I didn’t take a very clear picture.

It would be pretty cool if his Oxley Road house (time travel back to the 70’s, due to his frugality) was turned into a museum, but for now we have this.



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