Blogging: WordPress Jetpack Stats Issues

I am so frustrated that since I’ve upgraded to WordPress 4.2.1 (no choice since there were some security issues) I’m unable to upload the latest Jetpack and my stats are not unviewable. I’ve never had this kind of problem before and I’ve done a countless number of updates.

It says I’m not authorised to view my own stats. I have no idea how to fix this as I am not very good at codes and stuff and afraid that if I interfere with any of it I will mess up big time. I am not even sure how to access the code to remove the old jetpack file which probably didn’t upload properly, but is now blocking the latest one from being uploaded. I keep getting a plugin install failed message.

Luckily I also signed up to Go Stats a bit later on after I started the blog, so this is my current stats from there. I do miss the clarity and beauty of WordPress’ Jetpack Stats though. Visual in the form of charts is always better than just numbers.

Total counter state:

Hits: 1399637
Hosts: 332854
Visitors: 880908
Sessions: 1066812

From the beginning of the month:

Hits: 4375
Hosts: 2984
Visitors: 3699
Sessions: 3798
New Visitors: 3426

Last week:

Hits: 6849
Hosts: 5185
Visitors: 5880
Sessions: 5989
New Visitors: 5374

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