Pistachio Gelato from Alfero

Been missing the beyond excellent pistachio Gelato we had in Rome (that sounded way too atas, I know) and was waiting for the brand Grom to come to Singapore. It hasn’t so I searched the web for what people in Singapore think is the best gelato and it lead me to Alfero. I think my expectations were too high. It just didn’t match up to what we had in Italy. Think it’s hard to recapture the taste with our weather – might be the big hindrance? The ingredients for Alfero are imported from Italy though. I tried this at their branch at Marina Square. Wasn’t offered to try the flavours as we are at some ice cream places. Perhaps if I was I might have chosen something I really liked. I preferred the pistachio to the chocolate. Even here I was compared it to the Chocolate Gelato I had in Rome (by Venchi). I read that they are selling their ice cream at Heeren, so I have to give it a try one day.



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