Fantastic Malay Food at Haig Road Market

If you want fantastic Malay or Halal food and snacks head to Haig Road market. It’s cramped and crowded but the other patrons are very friendly. We ate too much but couldn’t resist having the famous Mee Rebus (which my partner loved for the sauce), Indian Rojak (tasted fresh somehow although I would have liked the sauce to be spicier), and Goreng Pisang (fantastic). Had very good Teh Alia too but absolutely no space for the Puttu Piring. Have tried the puttu piring before as my uncle always queues up to buy this for us. Makes me have new appreciation for his patience as the market can get very hot and sweltering and just look at the queue which will probably be worse closer to dinner time or during the weekends. We were there early on a Friday and it was already packed.

We parked at the OneKM mall and walked over.










Haig Road Market
14 Haig Rd
Singapore 430014

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