Absolutely Transfixed by this Audiobook – Joseph Anton by Salman Rushdie

How I wished Salman Rushdie narrated the whole book and not just the prologue. I always desire to hear the story in the writer’s own voice.

I am fascinated by his biography as I’m a great admirer of his genious. If I ever had the chance to meet him I’d be absolutely dumb struck because it would be a dumb person next to a genius who only wishes she had a fraction of his intellect and writing ability.

His life as a 13 year old migrant, his years in Cambridge and the early attempts at becoming a writer are all covered as well as what he went through during the fatwa. In my opinion he had natural genius as a writer but he describes the struggles he went through in the early years. And writing that was rejected. I’m always grateful when the tremendously successful also reveal their struggles.

Screenshot of the library e-book

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