Audio Books: Black Flags

I’m utterly fascinated by this throughly researched book by Joby Warrick . No surprise that it won a Pulitzer. I’m still in the midst of it, but it’s truly educating my ignorant self, who understands only a fraction about the Middle East. There is so much detail, that I’m concurrently reading the book as well as listening to the audio version. And it’s highly compelling.

If my eyesight wasn’t so poor (1300 degrees plus astigmatism & the Optometrist says the worse he has seen is half of mine) and I had more time, I would have read or completed listening to it all in a few days. I only have the ebook from the library and that’s a bit taxing on my eyes compared to printed material.

I need to buy the hard copy but I couldn’t find it at the bookstore

I stop reading a book which doesn’t teach me anything or is not well written. There is no shame in abandoning a book when there are so many gems out there waiting to be found. And I am so glad I found this one.

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