Tambuah Mas: Indonesian Food in Singapore (& A Visit to the Ophthalmologist)

This place has been around for decades, but I haven’t been here since the 90’s. Very delicious at the Paragon branch. My sister treated us after a visit to the ophthalmologist. Eyes were dilated, so everything was blurry. It still is as I’m typing out this post, but I like writing when things are fresh in my mind.

My sister had an almost retinal tear (fixed immediately with laser in 5 minutes) and I had my usual diagnosis of dry eyes and low vision, but was so utterly surprised and relieved that my retina is ok, no glaucoma and eye pressure is not high this time. They told me it should be between 10 to 21 and mine was 19.

One of my uncles has glaucoma and tunnel vision so this was indeed a concern. One of my aunts lost her vision in one eye due to glaucoma so it’s in the genes. My dad had retinal issues too but no one in my family has vision as poor as myself (1300 in each eye starting at 100 at age 6). Many of them have perfect eyesight. I often wonder if it’s due to my reading at a very young age and all day long. I was as addicted to books, as kids are to their iPads these days.

My sister saw flashes of light during the day and recently floaters and so was urged to check it out immediately. So if you’re in the same boat, don’t delay. Easier said then done as I myself am averse to seeing The Eye doctor due to previous traumatic experiences.

I have always had a large amount of floaters, but had laser surgery done 14 years ago to fix the tears in my macular (macula degeneration that’s usually found in much older people or people like me with severe myopia). Was told by the Ophthalmologist then, that it would need to be fixed again in 10 years so I’m so thankful to find it was holding up.

Just all around thankful and relieved. Almost forgot to write about the food. The yellow rice or nasi kuning was fragrant and lovely and went well with the mixture of gravies. We also has assam fish (not pictured). The sambal chilli was lovely too. I would say the yellow rice and tahu telur are must orders. The restaurant was very busy at lunch hour.

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