Peranakan Meal at Pow Sing: Satisfying but Expensive

Decided to do a food post for a change. A lunch we had this month as my partner loves Peranakan food and anything that goes with steamed rice. He is not so into bread the way I am. Actually I do love rice, but I tend to overeat because it’s so good with the gravies and chilli. I often get into a food coma after (insulin spike) and am filled with regret.

Chap chye has a lovely sweetness
One of my favourite renditions of Ngor Hiang

Wow that sambal belachan with lime. Plus the sweet sauce that goes perfectly with the Ngor Hiang.

Love this sambal chilli so much
My partner’s fave is Ayam Buah Keluak

The portions seemed to be halved and prices doubled from two decades ago. The sad case of inflation post covid. He paid $70 for this meal.

And this sweet crispy squid

But I have to admit that quality remains. Pow Sing remains one of my favourite places for Peranakan food. The regulars will know. Only the original Serangoon Garden branch remains so they can’t be doing too well. Previously they expanded and even had a fancy outlet at Jewel. I hope they go strong for many more years but hopefully the prices don’t escalate.

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