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Thinking of My Uncle A Today & Wishing him All the Joy in the World

He looks way younger than his years and I have always admired how he works hard at being active. He has always been adventurous in his youth so perhaps it’s no surprise that he still has the stamina. He has … Continue reading

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Uncle A: My Grandpa at Work & Other Stories

Following my last post about one of my grandma’s specialities, fried mutton with potatoes, my uncle confirmed that it was one of his favourites too. I then asked him to tell me about what family meals were like back then. … Continue reading

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What do you Admire Most about your Father? Question posed to my Uncle, Aunt & Mum

I’ve been exploring prompting questions to ask my relatives, and I thought this was a good one. It really doesn’t matter if the answer goes a bit off tangent as the key goal is to prompt memories about a loved … Continue reading

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My Darling Nieces

Love my nieces beyond words. Just one smile from them can last me for days. Even when they are grouchy they are so cute. When they are in distress you just want to make it better. Life is so much … Continue reading

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Wishing My Uncle A Very Happy Birthday

It was my dear uncle A’s birthday this October and it was nice to see him with his two favourite little people in the world. His adorable grandchildren. Love to see how he lights up whenever they are around. I … Continue reading

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Sweet Family Gathering

Just felt like writing a note to my family.  All my uncles, aunts and cousins. Thanks for the wonderful company and always being so patient with all my intrusive questions and constant yammering.  And for reading my blog, even when … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Uncle

I wanted to wish my dear uncle (A) a Happy Birthday today, but the whole day long I just could not find the words. It’s because he’s so special that what I write just seems trivial and does not capture … Continue reading

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