Siem Reap March 2023: Day 1 (Landing at the Airport)

It was a bit of a bumpy landing, but of course always happy to land safe and sound.

Kinda cool to find we were on the tarmac and walked to the rustic looking airport that’s modern clean and spacious inside. The Cambodian airport staff were so warm and welcoming, greeting us with bows and clasped palms (prayer hands) which I found so lovely. We returned the greetings.

It didn’t seem to be mandatory to wear masks in the airport, but we had to on the Singapore Airlines flight.

The Indian vegetarian breakfast on the flight was actually very tasty and authentic. It was hard to resist finishing every bit even though I knew I wouldn’t feel too comfortable after. There was vadai uppuma and chutney. And a bhatura filled with lovely masala spiced potatoes.

After reading so much about this being the hot season it actually felt pleasant, but perhaps because it was still the morning. April is said to be the month to avoid due to extreme temperatures.

Always exciting to land in a new country for the first time. And especially considering that Cambodia is only a 2 hour flight away. Hard to imagine it took us this long to get here.

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