Droolworthy Nonya Curry at Hyde Park Cafe

My tastes buds confer that this is the best Nonya/Peranakan home-style curry you can get in Singapore. Rich and flavourful, it is just the right combination of lemak (richness of coconut), assam (sourish flavour), sweet and spicy. The several accolades decorating the walls also attest to the mastery of the chefs. But don’t take their word for it. Once you taste this I am pretty sure most will become converts. This is all about the taste and not the ambience or the presentation. Although I must admit, my photography skills are sorely lacking and simply don’t do much justice to the food.

My all-time favourites include the prawn curry (S$6), sambal fish (S$5) and sayur lodeh (S$3). You can also ask for some chicken curry without the chicken pieces just to add another dimension to the blend of flavours. A quality meal for two at an air-conditioned restaurant for less than $20. Now thats hard to beat. Parking was 50 cents for half and hour.


Hyde Park Cafe (Soon Heng)
76 Prinsep Street
Tel: 6336 0983

Thoughts of 2011 Me: I still love the food here and I think it’s the best Nonya style Nasi Padang around, but I think prices have gone up a bit since, due to rapid inflation in Singapore. I must go back again one day to compare the receipts.

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