The Esplanade

Powder pink and mint green silk cloths billowing in the wind add to the theatrical atmosphere. Great view from inside the library. Unfortunately I could not capture this due to the no-photography sign posted outside.

The library with the most fantastic ambience. Here’s a mirrored wall water fountain of sorts.  The Esplanade Library hardly looks like a library. Feels more like a jazz club. Well, after all it contains materials related to music and dance.

An exhibition in the main lobby at level 1, displaying colourful art by Japanese Kindergarden children.

Have not watched a Play in ages. Finally got to watch this muscial – Forbidden City. The sets, lighting and acoustics were amazing. Great time to people watch. Felt shabby next to all the “arty” people dressed to the nines.


Thoughts of 2011 Me: Yay for free tickets.  Sadly I haven’t been back for a concert since apart for another free lunchtime concert.  The Esplanade library was a concept so different back then, that it blew my mind.  It’s strange how we become used to things and they don’t thrill as as much anymore.  Is that what Economists call diminishing marginal returns?  I sucked at Economics, but that concept stuck in my mind.  I guess that goes into a whole other discussion of why money can’t buy happiness.  We just get used to our new normal.

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