Universal Studios – Roller Coaster Ride through a Spooky Pyramid

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I am petrified of roller coasters.  Somehow I ended up on an indoor ride at the new Universal Studios in Singapore.  Will I go on it again – “No Way!”.  Do I regret it?  – “Actually I’m kinda glad I did”.  It was quite a thrill and not knowing was the best bit.  I think it’s a case of imagined fear being worse than the real thing.  I thought it was one of those, in the dark slow rides, where spooky ‘creatures’ pop out to try to scare you.  I had no idea there were such things as indoor coasters.  I should have become suspicious when at the entry we were told to leave our bags in the locker.  Also it’s called ‘Revenge of the Mummies’, so I should have expected some revenge for daring to enter the tomb.

The ride started out slow then everything goes pitch dark and you dip backwards at a fast speed.  I silently screamed, with my heart in my mouth (i tend to be repressed that way)!  Anyway it’s been a long time since I got the blood pumping (being a sloth who hardly exercises).  So I would recommend this ride for the not so faint hearted.  I guess there are more thrilling ones out there, but for chickens like moi this one’s scary enough.

Photo by bookjunkie

Avoid the outdoor buggy on rails ride at the Egypt Section.  It’s a total yawn unless you’re a toddler.  You’ll regret spending the best part of an hour queuing.

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