Finding a Nice Boss is Like Winning the Lottery

Why are mean bosses a dime a dozen, while the nice ones are as rare as diamonds? It seems that only the aggressive power hungry individuals get to the top while the nice guys finish last.  The board doesn’t give a hoot about high staff turnover, as long as the stocks go up. Of course we’re all familiar with the famous bosses from hell.  The devil herself, in Prada, no less, and the guy who brought us the iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is known for his obsessive attention to detail and iron-fisted management style. He is often accused of making his subordinates cry and firing employees arbitrarily.

It doesn’t take much to please me.  In fact you don’t have to be nice at all.  Just don’t be mean.  Don’t make me dread going to work everyday. In fact Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard had it right with the HP Way. It’s premise was treat your employees the way you would like to be treated and you will get the best out of them.  They knew that we all come to work motivated and it just takes a toxic work environment to deflate our enthusiasm.  I just don’t understand why fear tactics are preferred over decency.  To me that’s just abuse of power often bordering on sadism.

The worse kind of emotional abuse is the subtle intimidation. In situations like that you start to doubt your own ability.  It’s an awful situation and you feel trapped because it’s very hard to describe what you’re going through.  It’s worse when co-workers are worse than the boss and you don’t want to be a telltale even though they’re brought the playground bully mentality into the workplace.

Bullies may behave in a subtle, manipulative way or they may demean you outright and expose you to verbal abuse or belittle you in front of others.

In Asia it is even worse with the myopic focus on productivity, and where employee well-being is bandied about by HR but not practiced.  I hope one day things will change and bosses give us the trust and respect we deserve.  Chances are, unless you’ve lucked out, the best boss you can find is yourself.

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  1. ThinkPink says:

    And yet I would still give anything to work for Anna Wintour or more precisely Vogue and toddle around in Prada heels! <3 D xoxo

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