Culture Shock #2: I will never understand why shoes are worn indoors

Even worse than not removing footwear and continuing to wear them indoors? Hopping onto beds with their shoes on. As a kid I just couldn’t understand it watching this on TV. I was imagining all the filth and grime from the outdoors. Even worse now, with the Covid pandemic. The germaphobe in me is massively triggered.

The only exception? If you have a medical issue. Even then, if you live with others, you should have specific indoor footwear like orthopaedic footwear or bedroom slippers that are replaced or washed regularly, like we do with our feet. If you’re cold, wear socks. At least those can be washed. But I know, ….yes, slippery. Socks with non slip grips at the bottom perhaps. There is always a way to be hygienic.

For me bare feet is also the most comfortable, relaxed state to be in. Especially in Singapore where it’s so hot and humid.

Culturally it’s also more respectful and considerate. Made me think of how we not only remove our footwear, but wash our feet before entering the temple. And our homes should be like a temple to us. Even more so when visiting someone who practises the same cultural norms.

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5 Responses to Culture Shock #2: I will never understand why shoes are worn indoors

  1. Sometimes the floor, made of marble or ceramic, is too cold, especially in winter.

  2. Diane says:

    Especially when families have babies crawling around.

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