Today’s Guilty Pleasures

Photo by bookjunkie

1. Icing

Was craving for some cupcakes with icing but managed to find a store with iced muffins instead.  It was one of those new fangled cutsey stores called “The Icing Room” where they hire young chirpy girls and dress them in pink frilly pinafores.  They looked a bit like Japanese anime characters.  Anyway the pretty icing attracted me and I got 3 muffins for $5 Singapore dollars.  Sugar overload! This was at a mall called ‘Compass Point’ in Sengkang, somewhere in the north of Singapore.

Photo by bookjunkie

2. Starbucks Ice Latte

The usual.  My favourite drink of all time and a much-needed caffeine jolt.  It cost $5.80 Singapore dollars. (just in case you were wondering)

Seems like my guilty pleasures are all high in calories and sweet.  It’s the dopamine baby!… know the stuff that triggers the feel good brain neurons?  Addictive and a sure dose of happiness.  It reminds me of the time I was in hospital after an emergency appendectomy.  I was as happy as a clam and thinking this is just too weird.  Why am I so ecstatic? This is not normal.  Later I realized it has a little something to do with a morphine drip stuck in my arm.

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