Pizza in Singapore Sucks

Home Delivered Pizza in Singapore sucked until Domino’s came back. Domino’s used to be in Singapore but closed down some years ago. Now that our expat population is increasing they probably thought it might be viable to start up again. The Domino’s Hawaiian on a thin crust is pretty good, much better than the crap sold by Pizza Hut which is oily and awful.  What I liked about Domino’s is that the ingredients were fresh.  My friends are less finicky and are ok with these other pizzas, but not me. I am totally a pizza snob.

My only complaint as usual is that the Domino’s pizzas are too expensive. With the promotional discount coupons, the large ones cost a whopping $22.80 Singapore dollars. (we tend to compare everything to our S$3 hawker meals) Kudos to the delivery guys on the bikes who come within 15 minutes. I wonder how they manage it.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

The best pizza I had was in Perth many years ago.  One day I hope to have an authentic pizza experience in Italy. I hope it’s in the not too distant future.

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