10 Signs I’m at Midlife

I love making lists so these are ten things that have been floating around in my head, a sure sign I’m at midlife. You might be too if….

1. You don’t get the craze over toddler teen Justin Bieber (if you know who he is in the first place)
2. Your music which used to be cool, is now only played on the oldies radio station
3. The wrinkles you first spotted have now deepened and your fretting has been replaced by nonchalance
4. You can’t get by without your 8 hours of sleep
5. You say to yourself that young people these days don’t respect their elders (and you’re the senior you’re referring to!)
6. You just can’t handle Twitter
7. You can’t keep count of white hairs on your head anymore
8. You don’t pluck out any white hairs because you’re kinda balding and every single stand is precious
9. You don’t understand why manufactured music by Lady Gaga and Kesha are hits (Air Supply, Bread, ABBA – now that’s real music)
10. 30 something seems young to you and 20 somethings are babies

If you can relate then you probably grew up at a time when you were transfixed to the TV watching the ‘Incredible Hulk’ and hated the movie remake with CGI. Tom Cruise and Wham were some of the hottest stars. And we called them stars back then, not celebrities. (I think the term celeb emerged with the new fame seeking reality TV stars – another phenomenon I feel reduces the quality of TV programming)

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7 Responses to 10 Signs I’m at Midlife

  1. rina hutajulu says:

    hahaha I’m a baby then :p

  2. suituapui says:

    Omigawd!!! Most of the items in your list are true in my case – I’m in a mid-life crisis!!! Goodness…you’re still in your 20s – what midlife crisis? You’ve only just begun… LOL!!

  3. Afsha Khan says:

    Blogs, a la FB, should have Like buttons (and dislike buttons). Anyway, let’s pretend they do so I can say ‘I like!’ 🙂

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