Writing and Honesty

Lately I have become extremely self-conscious about blogging. It’s very hard to write honestly from the heart, because it leaves you feeling very exposed – almost naked. Sometimes I feel like deleting a whole post because it left me too exposed. Often I don’t feel comfortable about my tone which tends to sound very whiny in my convoluted attempts to get my point across.
But when I read, it’s a whole different story. I appreciate brutal honesty and tend to gravitate towards such writers.

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Paul Theroux is a very different kind of travel writer. His books are miles apart from Lonely Planet and far more engaging. He will present the country to you warts and all. If it’s your country that has been portrayed negatively, it might leave you feeling quite upset, but I think there’s a ring in truth in what he writes that most of us are afraid to admit. His writing has been criticized as jerky and discontinuous, but i think it’s reflection of real life which is full of jolts and stops. Although he may be harsh there are moments when tenderness comes through and those moments have even greater impact. Anyway I think the truest words just flow when you’re giddily happy, fuming mad or on the verge of tears and that is the kind of writing I just love to read.

Writing is definitely therapeutic and reading too. What I love about WordPress bloggers is the sharing of experiences. There are some brilliant bloggers out there who are my new heroes, and it’s unthinkable that they are jobless, working for a jerk, or haven’t been published yet. It’s such a waste of talent. Check out the blogs I love, on my blogroll, to see what I mean.

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2 Responses to Writing and Honesty

  1. Ha! I saw that. Thank you for the compliment. You’re alright yourself. 😉 I know exactly what you mean about being exposed when writing. I seriously did not sleep the first few nights I hit the publish button of my blog. I knew people could read what I wrote while I was sleeping.

    We have started a new journey that takes big leaps of faith. Your blog is very sweet. I have learned so much about life out there. We need insider sources to tell us what life is like out there so don’t give up!

    I also love books. Your book list is so impressive. I love how you describe the author’s sensibilities. Charming.

    Keep blogging. Keep visiting. Smile.


  2. bookjunkie says:

    it’s comforting to know that I am not alone Julie 🙂 I am thrilled that I can bring you a piece of what life is like here. It’s actually made my life more interesting because I am now living in a more aware state. thank you Julie!! I can see why your students adore you 🙂

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