Cell Phones Increase Risk of Brain Tumors

I knew it! I have always felt my brain frying when I use a cell phone for even a short conversation. Like I spoke in my last post about my dislike of cell phones, now I have even more reason with this study by the WHO. The report doesn’t blow a knock out punch, but it did prove an increased risk for heavy users.

I think years later this will come to light. Remember in the 50’s when even pregnant mothers smoke and drank unaware of any ill effects? I think there is just not enough data at the moment as mobile phones have just been in use for 15 years.

Although conclusive human evidence hasn’t been found yet, I think it’s just a matter of time. Even my favorite TV doctor, Dr Oz, thinks that it is harmful for these reasons:

Cell phones expose us to a form of electromagnetic radiation called radiofrequency (RF) energy. Scientists have suspected that this radiation might increase the risk of brain cell damage leading to tumors, and in 1995 they found this to be the case in rats.

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2 Responses to Cell Phones Increase Risk of Brain Tumors

  1. Oh no. This makes me a little nervous! Guess that means more texting and less talking. 🙂 Love Dr. Oz! Have you tried his ‘Ultimate Smoothie’? My family got me hooked.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You are just fantastic. Enjoy your Monday!! Another long week is upon us. 🙂

  2. bookjunkie says:

    thank you!! I love that you dropped by and your blog has the incredibly positive energy that is just wonderful 🙂

    It seems that microwave radiation is pretty bad too. And being lazy I use the microwave quit a bit.

    I haven’t tried the smoothie yet. Dr Oz is just so lovable isn’t he? What I like about him is that he seems genuine..down to earth and caring 🙂

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