#29. A Spoon and a Coconut

photo by bookjunkie

Everywhere you look, swaying coconut trees reminding you that you’re in the tropics.  Nothing beats sipping coconut water, from a coconut with a long straw.  It’s so sweet and refreshing on a hot day.  What we asians tend to do, is use a metal spoon to scoop up the soft sweet pieces of translucent coconut flesh from the insides of the seed.  It was really fun to do as a kid, and scooping and eating the pulp, brings back fond memories.

The coconut poses this question.  Is it a fruit, nut or seed?  Googling indicated to me that it’s actually a seed and a very useful one. We use it for so many things.

1. Hindu ceremonies

2. Freshly grated coconut in our curries

3. Grated coconut for my mum’s red candy

4. My grandmother even used it as a hair oil

5. Some people use the coconut oil to fry food

6. It’s even used to make rope, and the leaves as used as a roofing material.

It’s amazing how many uses there are for this humble palm tree.

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