Charming Old Singapore in Chinatown

photo by bookjunkie

I just love the architecture of old buildings with old style window shutters. This pale blue restored building is actually a budget hotel.

photo by bookjunkie

Old yellow building topped with green, in Chinatown. I wonder if this is a commercial building or one of the oldest high-rise flats (government apartments) in Singapore.

photo by bookjunkie

I never imagined I could still see coin operated pay phones around.  When I was a school girl, I remember always saving my ten and twenty cent coins, so that I could call home when I needed to.  The phones then were even cooler, not push button, but the ones with the circular dials that made the coolest winding sound.

photo by bookjunkie

An old sign that indicated a barber shop.  I never thought this still existed.  Only in wonderful Chinatown!

photo by bookjunkie

An old press for making sugar cane juice. These are still pretty common in Singapore, where sugar cane juice is a popular drink at the hawker stalls.  Just a tip – it’s fun to chew on little sticks of sugar cane. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

photo by bookjunkie

You can rub the Laughing Buddha’s belly for good luck. When I passed by I saw a jolly tourist hugging this laughing Buddha with joy. The Laughing Buddha is based on an eccentric Chinese monk who lived over 1,000 years ago known for his benevolent nature.

photo by bookjunkie

60’s style Chinese pant suits. It’s so cool that even the mannequins are from the 60’s!

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  1. James McNamara says:

    Great photos,BTW I lived in Singapore for many many years.An enchanting island,food to die for,friendly people.I miss the place la.

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