Toh Kee: Old Style Roasted Duck with Rice

photo by bookjunkie

Oops, forgot to turn the flash off. Caught taking a picture of the famous Toh Kee stall at the People’s Park Food Centre in Chinatown.  Phew, didn’t get scolded.

photo by bookjunkie

I don’t eat duck, but B said this was really good because it’s roasted the traditional way.  Many hours go into the preparation, from the marination to the drying to the roasting.

photo by bookjunkie

What the crowded food centre looks like.  It was like a sauna in there. Thank goodness we got a seat near a rotating fan.

photo by bookjunkie

I have a tip for tourists or anyone on a strict budget. You can order a cup of water for just 30 Singapore cents.  You need to ask for ‘ice – kosong’. Ko-song means zero/nothing.  The drink seller will understand that you’re asking for plain water with ice.  Don’t worry, the water is boiled and then cooled down. Ice is added to it and it’s just as good as bottled water.  It doesn’t taste funny – honest!

Toh Kee
#01-1016A People’s Park Food Centre
10.30am to 7pm
Closed on Mondays

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2 Responses to Toh Kee: Old Style Roasted Duck with Rice

  1. Tiny, all your posts are so interesting…I find myself waiting for them in anticipation in the mornings. YOU take me to wonderful Singapore every day. I thought of the perfect job for you too….

  2. bookjunkie says:

    thanks LD. I would be over the moon if I could get a freelance writing job one day…. I’m a bit afraid of the corporate jungle at the moment after similarly bad experiences. I’ll continue to dream 🙂

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