My Milk Toof: The Cutest Blog Ever!

An unemployed artist, Inhae Lee, created these two marvellously adorable characters with stories that are cute beyond anything I’ve seen! The amount of work that must have gone into the creations is astounding. You must check it out at My Milk Toof

It’s so great when I stumble upon magic, I just had to share the joy! That’s the loveliest part about the Blogging World.

I felt inspired and thought you might be too. Here’s an interview with the elusive Korean American Artist on Blogger Talks. She shares how great content, other bloggers, Facebook and twitter made her famous and successful – so at least social media has a positive side.

Your blog is all about ickle and Lardee, but very little is actually known about you! Please tell us a bit about yourself – your name, age, country, favorite things, profession.

My Korean name is Inhae, but I also go by Renee. I immigrated to the United States from Korea when I was sixteen, and have lived in Philadelphia and California. I’m the middle child of three, both sisters. My dad used to own a video store in Korea, so I grew up loving movies. I love cities, thrift stores, children’s books, matinee movies, and cupcakes. I used to work in the video game industry as a game artist but am currently taking time off, hence the blog.

Why did you choose blogging as the medium for introducing ickle and Lardee to the world?

A blog is the simplest way to connect with people and share what you do. It’s also a great way to experiment and get immediate feedback for your work. I highly recommend it.

You have a dedicated fan base so every blogger wants to know – how did you promote your blog? Or did you lay off promoting but simply relied on the sheer awesomeness of My Milk Toof?

It helped making a Facebook page and having a twitter account. But word of mouth really got the project out there. I really couldn’t have done it if people didn’t start posting about my blog on their own blogs.

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