Evolution of my Blog

When I first started out blogging actively and regularly in 2010, it was mostly superficial posts on celebs, food and touristy things. It made life exciting. Being a tourist in your own country. These are often my more cheerful posts.

I also included my struggles of being in toxic workplaces. Not so cheerful.

The cancer diagnosis in 2016 and the recurrence in 2017 naturally drew me into discussing this new hurdle. I was keen to reach out to others going through the same struggles.

Then came covid in 2020 so naturally I had to cover my feelings about the pandemic.

This year 2022, especially, now that I’m past 50, I’ve started to explore topics related to aging.

I’m also keen on biographical, family history type content where I interview my family members and even throw those probing questions back at myself.

I’ve covered mental health – grief, trauma and abuse in an effort to heal as well as to normalise talking about critical topics that should not be stigmatised.

The posts I enjoy the most are my travel posts as they enable me to relive the joys of my little adventures and explorations.

Actually, I just love blogging, journaling and writing, so it is all a joy to me.

Connecting with other bloggers online is tremendously fulfilling as well. For this reclusive introvert is then able to have friends without actually meeting physically. Brain to brain, heart to heart connections, can be pretty great.

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Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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