House Finale Filmed with Canon 5D Mark II DSLR

I love the intelligent medical drama, House and if this isn’t the best free advertisement for Canon’s DSLR I don’t know what is.  I have never owned or operated an SLR, but this makes me yearn for one.  Just the basic camera, the body without the lens costs $3,336 Singapore dollars.

For House director of photography Gale Tattersall, this meant retiring the 35mm film Arriflex cameras (most hour dramas still use film.) and switching to digital. He initially latched onto the 5D as an experiment in a recent episode that had a short scene with newborn babies. Tattersall figured it would be less obtrusive to shoot them with two small 5Ds rather than the huge film cameras.

The footage “looked absolutely stunning,” he says. Filmmakers love shooting video on the 5D because the 22-megapixel sensor is so much larger than found on most video cameras, and it produces shallow depth of field (backgrounds out of focus).

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