Lindsay Lohan Weeps As She Goes From A-List to Jail

This is the video of Lindsay responding to the judge.  I just can’t help feeling sorry for her as she bursts into tears and I feel this is due to various ‘yes’ people surrounding her and bad parenting from both her parents who regularly court the media and claim to protect their child.  You can feel her fear as she probably never expected the judge to actually send her to jail which includes a 3 month rehab program after she gets out. This was for her probation violation for her DUI and failing to attend some classes of her alcohol education program.  The in-house rehab program will probably be a good thing for her and I’m hoping she can make a comeback like Robert Downey Junior did. Addiction is a hard thing. If there was such a crime as addiction to sugar, I’d probably be in big trouble too. Perhaps she needs a dad like Britney’s who did a great job in making sure his daughter came around.


Just after her sentencing the first thing her dad Michael Lohan did was to court the media again.

“These drugs (prescription) are killing my daughter and killing millions of kids in America and someone has to stop it,” Michael Lohan said as soon as he could get in front of a camera.

“Lindsay needs to go into a rehab that takes you off prescription drugs not puts you on them….This (jail) is the last thing I wanted for my daughter,” he said.

“It crushed me. I broke down in court, like I am now,” he sniveled.

And where was Lindsay’s mom?  ”Dina’s taking care of my son Cody and my son Michael, there was only need for one of us to be here. She’s just as worried and just as hurt as I am — she’s Lindsay’s mother.”

Michael K of D Listed has his own spin on it.

Perhaps the judge has really good eyesight and saw the disrespectful, profane message directed at her on Lindsay Lohan’s fingernail.  Now that was just stupid of Lindsay as Perez Hilton points out.

The Timeline:

2006 – scolded by Director for tardiness on the set of “Georgia Rule”.

2007 – arrested twice for driving and drug offenses, and she entered rehab three times. Sentenced to one day in jail but spent only 84 minutes behind bars.

3 years probation in 2007 for charges of drunken and reckless driving. probation was extended for one year in October 2009.

Missed a court appearance in May 2010, claiming she had lost her passport while on a trip to the Cannes film festival. California Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel issued an arrest warrant, but later revoked it.

Judge Revel orders Lohan to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet, which detected she had been drinking alcohol at a party following the MTV Movie Awards in June. On Twitter, Lohan claimed she had not been drinking, but judge Revel issued another arrest warrant and again, revoked it later

The poor girl was punched by a waitress on her 24th birthday on 2nd July 2010, just a few days before the verdict

Judge Revel orders Lohan to serve 90 days in jail for violating her 2007 probation and told the actress to surrender to authorities on July 20.

(Source: The Telegraph)

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