A Lady Bug, a Grasshopper and a Bee (Singapore Botanic Gardens)

Drove by the Botanic Gardens and the cute bugs (a lady bug, a green grasshopper and a yellow bee?) sitting near the fence attracted me. Snapped some quick blurry shots. As I checked out the photos I noticed a sign saying Singapore Garden Festival so I did some googling. The grasshopper is Gary the grasshopper and the lady bug is Lindy the Ladybug and they are part of the convention at Suntec from 15 – 22 July 2010. It’s where the world’s garden and floral designers come together to put up a show and sell their products. So if you have a green thumb, you might be keen about this fair. I thought there was something at the Botanic Gardens itself but I guess they thought this would be a good spot to advertise the Suntec Singapore event. I took a look at their facebook page which looks pretty lively.

I do miss the Botanic Gardens. It have such beautiful landscaping which I admire and it’s so refreshing to sit at the cafe at the Visitors’ Centre and hear the soothing sounds of the many little waterfalls. I am making a promise to myself to make a visit one day soon.

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

photo by bookjunkie

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