Wendy’s Hit By Another Flood? Homes in the East Flooded!

Update 2: Meanwhile Expats were stranded in Orchard Road this morning posted a funny video while frustrated Singaporeans also posted videos about their homes being flooded during the heavy rain this morning asking PUB (our Public Utilities Board) what they are gonna do about it.




Update: Wendy’s might have been worried about flooding again this morning as this report came out in the Straits Times. I am sure the management were prepared this time after the torrential rain yesterday. Wendy’s is a Liat Towers.

Jul 17, 2010
Delfi flooded again
By Bryan Huang
AFTER being hit by the worst flooding in 26 years last month, Delfi Orchard was again flooded on Saturday morning.

A tenant of the building, Ms Shanta Sundarason, said she arrived to work to find the basement three carpark flooded with ‘waist-deep’ waters.

Ms Sundarason also told straitstimes.com that tenants at Orchard Towers and Palais Renaissance were ‘also mopping up after the waters gushed in’.

‘So much for the ‘once in 50 years Freak Flood’ along Orchard Road,’ said Ms Sundarason.

‘It would be nice for the problem to be addressed and dealt with, rather than a sweeping statement from the ministry,’ she added.

According to the Today Paper on 9 July 2010:

Recovery efforts are taking “a little more time” than expected, said Ms Goh Wee Ling, corporate communications manager of Wendy’s Singapore. This is because its insurers need time to assess damage and have requested for damaged equipment not to be moved until then, she said.

The new outlet, which had opened for only three days when the flood hit on June 16, will be replacing all its furnishings and kitchen equipment, specially ordered from the United States.

“The outlet should be ready for business in three to four weeks,” said Ms Goh. Staff have been temporarily deployed to its Lau Pa Sat and Jurong Point outlets, as well as its Holland Village joint which opened on Monday.

What I blogged earlier:

In the June floods, shoppers in the prime Orchard Road area around Scotts Road had to wade to safety through swirling brown water the colour of milk tea, when heavy rain caused a huge flood. One of the worst-hit places was Liat Towers, where a new branch of Wendy’s burger restaurant had opened just three days before. The restaurant had to close as $500,000 worth of furnishings and equipment was damaged by waist-high floodwaters.

Authorities later found that a drain the width of a bus near Delfi Orchard was so choked with leaves that it triggered a run-off enough to fill 20 Olympic-size swimming pools. The run-off gushed into basement shops and carparks in Liat Towers, Lucky Plaza, Delfi Orchard and Tong Building.

I was looking forward to having a bite at Wendy’s, but was disappointed to find that it was still closed. The orchard road flood a month ago must have done a lot of damage as it was reported soon after the flood that Wendy’s would open in 2 weeks. Starbucks which I just noticed is open 24hours was closed as well. I was not the only disappointed customer as I saw many people milling about expressing disappointment that Wendy’s is closed.

I have been to the outlet at Lau Pa Sat and I absolutely love their chicken sandwich and french fries. They have the best chilli sauce which is actually spicy and not like that chemically sweet concoction served at McDonalds or other fast food places.

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photo by bookjunkie

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3 Responses to Wendy’s Hit By Another Flood? Homes in the East Flooded!

  1. 365days2play says:

    I’m surprised that the flooding still goes on. Is it so difficult to control the waters? Is there something wrong with the system this year? I don’t recall having heard about such bad flooding in the last few years.

    As for wendy’s, maybe you can try the Lau Pa Sat one cuz I drove past on a weekend and it was pretty empty.

    • bookjunkie says:

      There must be something wrong with the drainage system or it’s clogged somewhere?

      …..that’s the branch I tried when it first opened…but haven’t been back for a long time cos of the problem with parking. Glad to know it’s emptier these days.

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