James Haven and Jon Voight Support Angelina at Salt Premiere

It’s nice to see that they have reunited with their estranged father Jon Voight.  I have always felt sorry for Jon Voight, although I don’t really know exactly what he did to be shunned.  All I know is that he was the brilliant actor I watched in Midnight Cowboy and The Champ.  It’s nice that he gets to spend time with his six grandkids now.  James Haven truly looks like Angelina’s twin, although he is 3 years older.

An old photo of Jolie and her brother who was such a beautiful little boy, and you can see that Jon Voight has aged really well.

Jon Voight seems so proud of his daughter in this interview and it’s so heartwarming to see them reunited.


An old picture of Jolie were she was a pretty little girl and accompanied her dad, Jon Voight to the Oscars.

This ABC News Nightline Interview video takes super long to load, so if you want to watch it you got to leave it to load. Edmund Salt was supposed to be played by another of my favourites, Tom Cruise, but he couldn’t do the role so Angelina Jolie ended up playing the modified character – Evelyn Salt instead. Jolie reveals that she sees herself as “Goofy Mummy”. She admits they do have help (nannies) but not live-in help. It’s a pretty interesting interview and I always find Angelina very upfront and as down to earth as the most famous actress on the planet can be. I like interviews where the interviewee is unguarded. Some other interviews I have seen with other actors, just seem so fake.


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