Britney Spears And Thinning Hair

I have my issues with hair thinning, so this photo spoke to me. It made me think that female celebrities sacrifice more than privacy and that’s having to use weaves to give the image of thick lustrous hair. I always wondered about weaves and how those things must be quite painful, strips of artificial hair tied tightly to the root of the hair. This picture of poor Britney’s scalp proves that it is indeed a hazard.

I think magazines shoots should go natural and stop giving false expectations of beauty through devices like weaves and false eyelashes. Worst of all would be, photoshopping of images to makes necks longer, waists slimmer, boobs bigger and thighs smaller, amongst other things. It gives impossible standards for young girls to live up to, and is the root (pun unintended) cause of eating disorders.

{Image: The Superficial}

But Britney proves that even when bald she was pretty, and only a whole lot of pretty can pull that off.

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