Ban Retouching and Unreal Celebrity Images in Magazines

I think it’s unfair that men as well as women, think women have to look a certain way just because celebrities look impossibly perfect in magazines. Nobody has skin that perfect or a body that proportionate. It’s usually air-brushing through photoshop.


Here are some untouched photos for all the real women out there. I have a strong suspicion that male celebrities are photoshopped too. It’s just that those photos haven’t yet surfaced and women are harsh on other women but more forgiving when it comes to men.

Lohan had her freckles reduced and she oddly has no armpit in this photo.

{Image: Hurricane Vanessa}

January Jones got a photoshop boob job courtesy of GQ magazine!

{Image: Buzzfeed}

Kelly Clarkson was slimmed down by Self, ironically for an issue on body confidence!

{Image: Gooogle}

Jennifer Aniston and Madonna finally look their age (although in Aniston’s case i think it’s very bad lighting). Madonna is reported to have cutlets inserted into her cheeks – ouch!

{Image: ONTD}

{Image: Google}

Then there are stars like Britney Spears and Teri Hatcher, who release their own untouched photos and I applaud them for bravery and being honest. I was never a fan of Teri, but I am now.

{Image: Huffington Post}

{Images: Facebook}

Liv Tyler is another stunning actress who wants air-brushing to be banned.  This is what she said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph:

“I know what people look like, and I see what pictures look like before they’re airbrushed — my own and those of my friends — and every image is so manipulated.

“They’ll take a hair off your arm and get rid of a pore or freckle on your face.

“Personally, I find imperfections and flaws charming and beautiful. I like it that all people don’t look the same.”

{Google Image}

Liv is one of those actresses who look stunning even without makeup.

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  1. mct88 says:

    i agree. liv tyler has some major guys.

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